Pole dance.

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A set of photos i did for  a pole dance studio,with two of theirs dancers.

This is a sport pole dance with is very much not as the exotic pole dance.


Train station


Two photos i took a while back of Høje taastrup station in Danmark,for a local exhebition.

Evening was cold and snowy so i had to be quick.I used a wide angel lens,and made a HDR.

things to see and do in høje taastrup

Whales capturing.


While visiting the Faroe islands,i tea lucky to see,whale capturing in my own eyes.

The scene is bloody and at times hard to watch,but not harder than at being at the slaughter house,i also have learned some amazing facts about whale capturing-for example,that they are never been hunted,unless they come close to the shore,meat from the whales is never sold or distributed,only for own consumption,in other words there is no industry that thrives from these whales.there can go years with out any catch.

i guess people will have many opinions about it,but from what i have seen,it is no different than catching a cow or a gazelle,or a pig,for own consumption.

Faroe islands-A cold magical place.


Somewhere in the Atlantic ocean between Norway an Iceland lies this group of islands,which inhabit around 45000 people.

The place is a photografer heaven-scenery is breath taking and constantly changes,northern light can also often be seen here.

some of these photos where made for national geographic magazine(spanish edition).

practical info on the faroes.