Train station


Two photos i took a while back of Høje taastrup station in Danmark,for a local exhebition.

Evening was cold and snowy so i had to be quick.I used a wide angel lens,and made a HDR.

things to see and do in høje taastrup


4 thoughts on “Train station

    1. Thanks for your posting, I read it and was amazed by it. Are deeltinfiy going to keep on reading even more of your posts. I hope that you will keep to express greater number of these blogposts. Thanks again!


    2. Que tienes tu en contra de los ojitos azules? no ves que si no los tuviese azules no destacarían sus cejitas? ni esa cara de “te voy a pegar un mordisco que ni te enteras”, ah?Voy a crear un sindicato en favor de los hombres ojos claros, si sr… jum… que bello… que bello.. que bello…


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