Playboy model.

IMG_6980 copyzIMG_6985Z COPYfoto4uIMG_7038 COPYfoto4u

A very pretty young woman originated in the philipines needed a portofolio to come in the playboy magazine,these are some of the results.


Mini macro games.

Once i really fascinated with the macro photography world,but didn’t have the money to buy all the fancy gear for it,so i used my standard lenses i had,and these are some of what i managed to come up it-close but not too close.

Kids in movement

A few years ago i really wanted to capture my kids in some sort of action.

During a bed fight i came up with the idea of capturing them while they jump towards me.

On the first photo i was trying to break the rule of thirds by different ways-this was one of them 🙂